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on personable voicemails.

A recent day at work found me calling a large number of strangers, hoping to entice them to come in and share their opinions with us. As you can imagine, being that it was the day after July 4th, a fair amount of these phone numbers lead me to voicemail. Some were generic, others were automated, but among the many there was one particular one that left me smiling and dying to meet the woman behind the message:

The message (more or less): Hi you’ve reached __________! I’m not around my phone right now, possibly because we’re playing at the park and left it at home. Or, if I’m lucky, I’m at a yoga class. Either way, please leave me a message and I’ll call you back. Have an excellent afternoon!

I’ll admit, written out the message doesn’t seem that extraordinary, but amid the robotic voices and one downright rude message machine ("If you called this number you know who you’re looking to reach….") I’d been listening to all day, it was nice to hear that someone might be out having fun and being friendly instead of sitting by their phone. Hopefully Carly Rae Jepsen thought to make similar moves given the amount of calls she seems to be expecting.

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