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Perplexing: Netflix Suggestions

What does it say about me when Netflix suggests content in the following categories based on my taste preferences:

  • Quirky TV Dramedy Featuring a Strong Female Lead
  • Feel-Good Romantic High School Comedies
  • Dark Dysfunctional-Family TV Shows
  • Critically-Acclaimed Witty Romantic Movies

So confusing. On a sidenote, Netflix designers, I’m digging the new site layout.

Perplexing: “Walking a mile a minute”

Heard someone say this yesterday and realized how ridiculous this expression actually is. We get it, someone is a quick strider. But would you ever look someone in the eye and say to them — with a straight face — “Hey, you’re walking 60 mph!”.

My guess is no. You might as well be calling them a cheetah.

Perplexing: Early Back-Sitters

The situation I’m referring to is only really commonplace in large lecture classes…but you know how sometimes they strategically place some chairs against the back wall so if you come in late (as I sometimes almost always do)? Well what confuses me is when kids sit in those chairs when they aren’t late. Why be that person? For those of us who are perennially arriving after class has started, it’s very difficult to find a seat when the ones they specifically put aside for us are already occupied by you early arrivers. I get it, you don’t want to have your footspace compromised…that’s what the front row is for.

Perplexing: Info Pages on the “New” FB

All I’m saying is, I liked it when I could list the things I liked without having them boxed up, linked to a page on the topic, and then consummately displayed with that weird orb shape next to it.

Why? It was more minimalist and it made listing your interests a worthwhile endeavor.

I honestly want to just delete all the data connected to my facebook because the info page is so gosh darn busy looking.

Yeah FB, I realize you’re on a quest to categorize and link the world. Does that mean you have to make it hulking, awkward, and ugly looking too?

Didn’t think so…

Perplexing: Reading Without Actually “Reading”

Possibly one of the worst feelings ever. My specific woe is the paper I literally have been angsting about writing for approximately three hours only to finally settle down, read the prompt one more tim,e and notice that it is not due tomorrow, in my Psychology of Learning class on November the 3rd. It is in fact due next week. Great. Glad my studying for the Finanacial Accounting Midterm that actually is tomorrow has been effectively jeopardized by an assignment I apparently have a week to do. 

How does that happen? How do we read things and yet fail to retain crucial details? More importantly, if it’s happening with one pice of paper with a due date on it, how many more important occurrences do the eyes miss on a day to day basis? Horrifying…

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