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I’m intensely jealous of the next generation who will have something like Facebook for their whole lives. They will have the conversational history with the people in their lives all the way back to the beginning: From “hey nice to meet you” to “do you want to get coffee sometime” to “our kids have soccer practice at 6 pm tonight.” That’s a really cool idea.

This is a quote from the Facebook Blog and to be quite honest, I’m not entirely sure I want Facebook for the rest of my life. After a certain point, shouldn’t we all grow out of it? Eventually I feel it will probably become too dangerous: the mind is meant to forget. Memories fading is a coping method for the painful or embarrassing ones. If your grief never numbed to a tolerable degree, you’d spend every day reliving that pain. There is nothing “cool” about being reminded how socially awkward you might have been at age 15 or being able to relive the awful words someone might have once said to you. 

A hodgepodge of the Ocean State, styles, notable words, my father, and my personal miscellany. For similar ideas with less words, refer to Pinterest.

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