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An example of the kinds of thought processes I have while perusing the not-so-Good Book

Profile picture of girl with several positive captions ("you’re so pretty!" "stop being so cute!" etc). Second to last caption: “beautiful!”. Last caption: ”beautiful smile :)

Thought 1: Ouch. Guess her smile is the only thing you think is beautiful *****.

Thought 2: Didn’t they live together this year?

Thought 3: I wonder if she purposefully mirrored that sentence syntax…

Thought 4: Wow, if she didn’t so it on purpose, the subconscious tone really reveals a lot about their friendship (…or lack thereof! )

Thought 5, after considering the content of Thought 4: Who am I?

A hodgepodge of the Ocean State, styles, notable words, my father, and my personal miscellany. For similar ideas with less words, refer to Pinterest.

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